Good days, and bad days

Today, I miss D.  I went to breakfast with his family this morning and it was amazing to see them, but I can see in their faces that if I bring him up his mum and sister are instantly sad.  I feel bad for bringing him up, which I shouldn’t, but I can’t not talk about him.  He might not physically be here but he is with us.  He was a huge part of every day for me and I can’t just shut that off.  On the plus side, his brother and brother in law are great and don’t mind talking about him at all so it’s a good buffer.

On the whole, however, breakfast was tasty (not like the picture), nephie is growing so fast and is very cute and it really was exceptional catching up with them!

In other news…. I coloured my hair today!  Fairy floss PINK!


I am not that mad… Although looks kinda cool on this chick, I would feel like the 30 year old I am, trying to look like the 12 year old above!  (Have you ever noticed that once you hit a certain age anyone who looks obviously younger than you is automatically allocated the age of 12?  A strangely amusing phenomenon…).

So anyway, my hair is still red, but now has the dip-dyed effect with pale pink/blonde tips!  Can’t wait until it’s dry and I can see the actual colour it’s gone!

This is me before…. (thank you instagram for making me look iPhone artsy and stuff)

Also about 8kg heavier… But that’s news for later!  I may or may not post a pic of the result!  See how I feel later!

No more of this stuff for me now!  I have officially lost 16kg and am nearly halfway to the goal weight!  Happy much???  Um… YES!  I found myself a new GP as well, VERY happy with her!  Thank you to Miss A who gave me the recommendation!

All in all, not a terrible week!  I can’t wait until my very own fitangel sends me my body weight workout that I can use as interval training out on my walks!

Thanks to the family and friends I can text/call anytime, things are looking up!

Love you guys!  xoxoxo


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