Strength, come to me!

So today has been a weird day so far.  I had an average nights sleep – not bad, but a bit broken.  I had strange dreams that moved between D being around, and me getting the happy airport ‘I’ve missed you’ cuddles, and to knowing he was gone and being around really random people that Dom would approve of me dating…. At least that was the vibe.  See why it was strange???

I then cried on and off the whole way into work.  The most STUPID things were setting me off.  I won’t elaborate.  So today is looking to be less than happy.  I am, however, still going for that walk this afternoon!  The fresh air is good for me and if I can’t breathe I can’t cry.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

On a lighter note!  Townsville welcomed a new theatre baby this morning!  A MASSIVE congratulations to M&S who said happy birthday to bub #1!  He is yet to be named, he is only an hour or so old but already he is so squidgy and cute!  Can’t wait for cuddles next month!  (and to hand him back…).

So anyway, I’m off to be tough, and probably suspiciously bubbly, and get through today!  Bye for now!


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