Just to coin an overused yet highly appropriate word that is about as redundant as cray cray…

Yesterday I went for a walk with a workmate – apparently she was inspired!  She kept the pace really well and the bits I tend to lag in, she powered through!  Forced me to shave another minute off!  I like this!

While I was walking (and I don’t really care if real or imagined) a spunky boy flicked a rather cute smile my way!  I’d like to think it was my alluring legging-type things that are now a little big combined with my Full Noise singlet and my ultra-sexy bum bag… And let’s not forget the I’ve-just-walked-5km-in-the-wind hair.  Who wouldn’t want me?  Seriously?  I am but sex on legs.  I cannot help it if I am irresistible.

In all seriousness, it felt kinda nice.  Whether real or imagined, it just re-affirmed that I am not unattractive! I am working on being fit, healthy and happy, and although I would much prefer to have D appreciate my efforts, I am just as able to do it for me and know that he’s sitting back on a couch somewhere, watching Cowboy Bebop (Or Ghost in the Shell), drinking coke, eating terrible food and congratulating me on my efforts from afar!

More good news on the friends front!  I sent off my little REALLY AWFUL rendition of a song I am considering entering into The Voice to some friends in the ‘Ville.  It really was average.  I had been sick, lost all my decent notes, was swallowing my low notes.  Oh and because I can’t find a backing it was equally cat-squall awful accompanying myself on guitar.  EEP on so many levels!

My friends, however, the darlings that they are, thought I was AH-MAZING (god knows what damage their ears copped to think that) and J is going to learn how to play it for me (THANK GOODNESS) so I can sing it at their engagement party.  It’s a bit of a depressingly worded song but who doesn’t like Toni Childs???  I can’t say enough how much I love these guys!  They are missing D as much as I am yet have been the most amazing support for me!  Much love boys (and girl).

Another exciting day – I am off to see Urinetown tonight!  A friend who was lucky enough to direct this show up north has been telling me all about it and Underground Productions are putting it on!  Can’t wait!

I have also received what will hopefully be the last of the paperwork to complete for ONE of the superannuations so I can get that into the post today! Hopefully once that is done, I can get some $$$ off to D’s parents.  I can see them refusing… I may have to think of sneaky ways!

For now, I am happily listening to Ingrid Michaelson which is very cute, happy and appropriate for me!  And yes, its from an ad, but I don’t care. 😛





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