Fiddley dee potehtoes

Top o’ th’ mornin’ to ye!

Last night was fantastic!  I may have mentioned a wicked little musical called Urinetown yesterday… If you have a chance to go see it, DO IT!  The cast/crew/production team have done an amazing job – and lets not forget the musos hiding under the stage, without them, there would be no show!  Stellar singing and excellent comic timing!  Thoroughly enjoyed it!  Just in case you missed it yesterday…  Here it is again!  Oh… And D2 is totally crushing on one of the actresses… which is so cute.  But then she is cute, and really nice!  So… I hope it works out for him!

In other news, I am off to C’s hens night this weekend!  LONG DRIVE!  I’m glad her fiancée let me know exactly how far the drive was…. Otherwise I’d have been a couple of hours late!  And I found the perfect gift, but alas, I found out what we were doing too late to order it 😦  Was hoping to order yesterday and have it overnighted but the seller didn’t get back to me.  I think I will still purchase but I may not include it as part of the hens gift…. Might hold onto it for a wedding present!  So now I am on the hunt for wickedly unique beads in Fortitude Valley – If anyone is reading this, PLEASE let me know if you know somewhere!  I will be at Southbank Markets tomorrow as well so I can pick up something in the theme of the evening (which is NOT bead related)!

This morning I delivered my flatmates to the airport for a surprise weekend to Tasmania!  Well… they knew they were going, but R’s dad will find out when they are on his doorstep! How exciting!  Not so exciting was getting up at 4.30am to drop them there… And then getting to the Valley to find out I am 45 minutes early for my favourite coffee/breakfast joint in the Val doesn’t open until 7am!  Oh well.  I guess I’ll read a book on the steps surrounded by homeless, bustling workers, and policemen who look like this post might be a punishment.  On the plus side, the police working at the beat near work are … ahem … not a bad sight most of the time!  Maybe not this guy… But I can use my imagination…

You’re welcome.

Today’s plan:  Work, maybe have some Vietnamese for lunch, bit more work, finish some spectacular artwork, then home to whatever I happen to rustle up for dinner, couple of episodes of Breaking Bad, then BED.  Sweet, beautiful, bed.  While Breaking Bad is on I may even get the sketch book out.  *insert shocked faces here*.  I have promised at least an attempt at a butterfly/names tattoo and a children’s book illustration.  Let’s hope I’ve still got it!

Credit to Jill Britton’s Escher Gallery – I freaking love his work!


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