Anyone have a money tree?

Is yes, please let me know where I can invest in one!  I say invest because I need to spend it to get it.  Odd logic…

So this fortnight, I was budgeted to my eyeballs, and I included a very small amount of spending money for the weekend just gone, and the upcoming nuptials at the Gold Coast.  I looked at my account this morning so I can pay the usual bills and turns out I have been over-debited one of the bills… ARGH!  So now I am short…  This SUCKS.  They are happy to refund me (YAY) but it will be on the next bill (DOH).  Yeah… Thanks guys… That really helps me now.  When I can’t afford at least one bill and part of my rent.  YOU SUCK!  Its amazing how a measly $350 can just make your day a bit blergh.

Apart from that, my weekend was really good!  Before I knew Monday would suck because I had no money I had the hens night!  A laid back, very fun night!  My previous post was a little sad but I did overall have a good time.  And laying in the sun with fruit and some gorgeous lemon marmalade the morning after was totally worth it!  Can’t wait for the wedding this weekend and to see all of D’s and my friends!

I ALSO get to see my fabulous dad this week!  He is here to watch my brother’s soccer semi final!  Sadly I am at the Gold Coast for most of the time he is here but I will be going to the game Wednesday night so I will see him there!

Anyways… back to work!  Must earn the monies if I wants the bills paid!






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