Mostly pictures, a little insight, and maybe an ogle

Ok… So this made me laugh in a big way!  Talk about not sweating the small stuff!  Language warning….  healthiie

Moving on from that, TWO MORE SLEEPS until I see my amazeballs friends from Townsville!  SO EXCITED!

Excited about the wedding too, but I get to see them the day before the wedding!  WOOT! I do believe we are well overdue for drinkies and a jam session!

I don’t have a whole lot to say today… Odd for me!  But this writing thing is a little exhausting!  You’d think talking would be my speciality but, alas, my Italian gene pool has fled and left me with a burning desire to go home and lounge by the pool, completely NOT using my brain.  Or is that spring and sunshine calling my name?

This is where my brain wants to be…..  Perhaps also being served a drink in a coconut, with a little straw, and some HOT specimen handing it to me that doesn’t mind being shamelessly ogled.  I’m sure if I asked, my mum would certainly join me!

And to close – said specimen.  Again…. You’re welcome.


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