Opportunities and revelations

Why hello again!  Has been a few days since I last wrote, hope you all survived the suspense!  I had a few days off work, and went to an amazing wedding at Fingal Head!

This was the view from the ceremony.  Stunning huh?  I think the best part of the weekend was seeing these two absolutely selfless, happy and beautiful human beings tie the knot.  Not only that, but in the midst of their preparations ALSO stopped and considered their guests and included a slight addition to the celebrants words to include a hope for gay marriage, and asked the best man to include a toast for friends not with us.  I survived through the speeches at the reception and then had to go for a walk…  I headed back to the townhouse, and sat out on the patio (also with a great view) and bawled my eyes out.  At some point it had to happen.  Within about 15 minutes my friends had realised I was gone and I was soon surrounded.  Best people I could hope to have in my life!

But on from there, the after party at the bride and grooms rental.  What a party!  Music, drinks, food and more music!  Hopefully I can get to Goldy more often and jam with some exceptional musos!

Last but not least, I entered my audition for The Voice today! Scary scary…….  Now just to wait!

For now… signing off!





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