Stupid hackers!  Not on my site (PHEW) but on one of my FAVOURITE webcomics!  For those who haven’t read it, check out Girls With Slingshots! Do yourself a favour, read it from the very beginning.  I LOVE it!  Got me through a lot of boring lectures at uni and was something D & I shared to the point where we have merchandise and comics up to the wazoo.  One of my favourite characters is McPedro – So I have a plushie.

Don’t judge me, I am amazing, and my interests are completely normal.  COMPLETELY!

So anyway…..  My tattoo was finished yesterday!  Woohoo!!  Here is a pic of the second round…  All that has been added is some more filigree and a little more shading.  My amazing tattoo artist called it a tune-up.  Yes, I am comparable to a car.  Apparently.  But anyway, lucky he’s brilliant and a lovely guy!  If you wanna check out an amazing tattoo place head to Valley Ink!  All the artists have a speciality and they are all incredible at what they do!

So I also had to pull out of my audition for the UQ show.  Most disappointed.  Turns out that the funding is coming from BCA department so they’re keeping it to students/teachers/staff etc so bye bye me 😦  On the plus side, it saves me learning a monologue on short notice?  I will still go see the show though!  Sounds like a great concept.

Anyhoo – I should get back to work!  Lots to do!






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