I have a messy room

Messy room, messy life?  Mayhaps there is a truth to this?  My room at the moment looks like a 9 year old owns it.  And ironically enough, the 9 year old in the room next to me, has a clean room!  That’s not to say my room is dirty, its just a huge pile of clean washing I have neglected to fold and put away…

ok… maybe not this bad… but you get my drift…

Onwards from that, I joined a gym last night!  Recommended by T.  It’s still being built, but looks amazing!  I can put membership on hold while I recuperate from the knee surgery, but it comes with some PT so I can build everything up before the surgery, and all the classes are included in membership.  SCORE!  Again, once my knee is fixed…. But bring on the hotness!

I got a photo from my Dad’s partner the other day… Highly amusing.  Apparently my (8 year old) puppy, Charlie, has discovered the joys and wonders of running alongside the river, and rolling in mangrove mud.

Dirty, dirty puppy…  But I can’t wait to see her daggy huge smile and her great galootin’ antics thinking she is still a lap dog!  She will always be the little puppy that fit inside her own food bowl when she arrived at 5 weeks old.  Cue: naaaawwwwwwww

She will no doubt OWN my outdoor furniture when I get some…. But D has left a legacy spoiling her rotten in my absence!

Well… I am off.  Like old cheese in the fridge door.  Maybe to google some iPhone 5 sweetness.  Or do some work.  Could go either way at this point.

Love. happiness, peace, prosperity, and hopefully a drunken weekend to all!





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