Social ineptitude

Yep… Me last night.  I attempted flirtation, and it ended in a thumbs up.  I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.  But now that I’m sober, I’m not sure if I was highly amusing, or the butt of a joke. I’m aiming for highly amusing, because Wasted Rachel is HILARIOUS!

On the flip side, it’s my fave pub.  So gosh darn it, I will HAVE to go back.  Just not sure if I should be sober, or drunk again!  But either way I can still check out the bartender!  Just… note to self, don’t check in with the O’Malley’s app if you don’t want the people who work there to see it!  However, if they did NOT see it…. means that I was painfully obvious checking him out anyway….. *shame*

So I shall leave you with the warning… I am a terrible dater, an awkward flirter, and apparently last night I was all about the thumbs up to people!

I think I will be single for some time…..  haha





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