Townsville Today!

Just have to check in and let dad know what time to pick me up from the airport!  Then drive Fester around.  For those who may not know, Fester was D’s car.  Fester is reliable, old, and has more quirks than… well… Fester himself.  But he gets me from A to B when I am in the Ville.  Sadly, he will be permanently retired in the near future, but he has one more weekend of getting me around yet!

So…. Tomorrow is going to be EPIC!  Kind of a good thing that I’m not drinking!  I have my cousin’s wedding about a hour’s drive from Townsville, then back to Townsville for D’s brother’s wedding.  I am very excited about both!

Then on Sunday, I get to see one of the newest theatre babies, and of course, his wonderful parents!  And then with any luck, the theatre crowd will rock up to the pub for some drinkies before I jump back on the plane!

Like I said.  EPIC.  Just like these girls.  From Townsville. teehee

I also picked up my new glasses last night!  WOOHOO!  No more headaches staring at the computer all day!  But I must keep moving… I have lots to get done and I have to disappear into the city on my lunch break as well…. blergh!





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