2 weddings, some tears, and remembering that I only need to take it one day at a time.

Or an hour, or even minute to minute.  Some days seem so easy that it brings guilt, other days are so hard I wonder if I’ll ever be ok.  The simple answer is NO.  But I will learn to live with it.  Wise words from the bride Saturday night.  Turns out she is in the same situation as me, only she has now married the most wonderful man, with three gorgeous children, and is HAPPY.  Genuinely happy.  She will never forget, and will never be ok with what has happened, but she lives with it, and is incredibly happy in spite of it.  One foot in front of the other is all it takes.

In happier news, the weddings were absolutely amazing and I made it to both unscathed!  Both brides were stunning, both best men were drunk and long-winded, but both were well worth attending!  Sadly, I could only make it to the ceremony of one, and the reception of the other, as they were an hours drive from each other, but I made it to both!  My cousin’s wedding was simple, absolutely beautiful, and so was she!  Was also great to catch up with the rellies from Perth!  The reception for D’s brother and his new wife was a hoot!  The photobooth was a great hit and I would recommend Flash Photobooths to anyone!

Hilarious antics with friends of the family after the reception!  Sometimes it is SO MUCH FUN to be the sober one watching things go down….  Like the girl with boyfriend trouble… She flopped to the ground and curled up in the foetal position.  Fair cop, the boys wanted to make sure she’s ok.  A few rounds of woe is me later, and one of them says the wrong thing.  Time to walk away… Nothing like some language to make a sailor blush screamed at 90 decibels, and then the throwing of a shoe!  GOLD!

I also ended up staying an extra night which was well worth it (massive props to my boss for understanding my current state of emotional uselessness).  Saw more family, spent some time on the kiddies playground with my gorgeous niece, some time with D’s cousin down by the ocean… Just wonderful!

Only downer was losing my wallet… grrr…  But thankfully, about 10 minutes after cancelling all my cards, Townsville City police station called to say they had it!  Thank goodness!  It feels a little bit weird knowing your wallet is lost out there somewhere!

But back home now, and back to reality.  Looking forward to seeing my former Townsville theatre peeps this Saturday night at Garuva which should be amazing!  Am still stone broke but this week (for once) I am not in the red!  I think there’s something to be said for not having keycard pin numbers available to withdraw random cash!  Love it!

To sign off, another photo from my amazing cousin! Luke Baker Photography!





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