The weight loss continues!

And not via grief as most people would believe…..  Yes I lost a couple of kg but it was at the same rate I was losing it before!  I’d like to think it’s healthy eating and my newfound energy after walking 7km after work every day!  Today I am wearing a shirt that 6 weeks ago I couldn’t fit my fat arms into and my belly would have strained a button or two.  Today it fits perfectly, sits well, and is accompanied by what used to be the jeans I’d wear if I was having a skinny day.  They are now my jeans I wear to be comfy AND I moved another belt notch in!  WOOT!  And because everything fit so well I thought I’d jump on the scales…  Turns out I have lost the little bit of winter plateau and am now only 600g off being the lightest I have been in a decade! Yay to me!!!  Bring on summer!


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