Today will be a plethora of randomness.  I should almost bulletpoint it!

An amusing comic from my daily readings:

Pretty much covers everything dog related!  A plus for me, my puppy Charlie will be moving down to Brissie in a week!  HAPPY DAYS!  Altho I think T is just as happy to spoil my dog.  Coz of course D didn’t quite spoil her enough :/

Today I collect the keys to the rental property I will be occupying for the next few months!  I say only the next few months because Brisbane has officially become my home!  As of 5.00pm yesterday I went unconditional on my very first house!  This adult stuff could be worse but so far I like it!  Scary but fun times ahead!

So for now, moving house all over the place.  I got ALMOST everything packed in Townsville last visit.  Massive thanks to a very special friend Miss B who absolutely smashed the study for me!  I am back up there next weekend to finish it off and offload some furniture, then removalists are booked for the 5th November!  Thank goodness!  I am also packing the few things I have at the house I’m staying in now.  I don’t think they’ll ever truly realise how appreciative I am that they bailed me out when I really needed the help!  Much love!  xoxoxo

For more randomness, I am off the Gold Coast with friends this week to watch my first ever live MMA fight!  And its the girls brawling!  Should be great fun!  Getting up to drive back to Brissie at 6.30am Sunday so I can move furniture is NOT so fun…  But should be a great night had by all!

To backtrack…  Last weekend I was in Townsville (as mentioned above) and not just for packing.  I got to spend the weekend, and a very special event, with two amazingly special people!  I went to an engagement party!  These two fabulous fellows were dear friends of D and I was fortunate enough to have also gained a friendship with them that I hope will last FOREVER!

I remember D calling me one day after work with ‘the most exciting news ever’ according to him.  My brain was going… Oh god, what expansion or game is coming out and how long will I be a gaming widow for (not that I mind, I get to watch more trashy tv!)…  But he was actually calling me to tell me (and he was as excited as a kid in a candy store) that J & C were engaged!  If you guys are reading this, I think he was actually happier that you guys were making it official than he was about having a real live full time girlfriend! 😉

In closing, love you guys to death, had a fabulous weekend catching up and miss you!

Hoping the move goes well this weekend and I can settle into the new place without too much drama!  Over the drama!!  At least I don’t have chicken poop on my face after a big night out……  In case you STILL haven’t started reading it, click on the comic to read the amazingly talented Danielle Corsetto’s comic Girls With Slingshots!


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