Monthly Archives: November 2012


For the first time ever!  I don’t have as much play money as I intended when I booked, but I did just buy a house… So I guess when put into perspective less play money is ok! 😛 So I’m headed down Friday night after a day’s training with work and back Sunday morning just […]

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Melbourne Cup!

To put a bet on, or not… I don’t usually, so I might just stick to the champagne and people watching!  It’s much more fun!  Today I have already seen my fair share of girls who do not subscribe to the school of hemline etiquette.  To be blunt, your hemline should extend below where your thighs […]

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Some people just need to leave me alone… Seriously. I’m pretty sure a particular person in my life has absolutely no idea that I am still under stress.  Yes, D died 4 months ago, but unfortunately for her, I’M STILL GRIEVING!  With this comes a run down body, a run down mind, and STRESS.  Adding […]

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