Some people just need to leave me alone… Seriously.

I’m pretty sure a particular person in my life has absolutely no idea that I am still under stress.  Yes, D died 4 months ago, but unfortunately for her, I’M STILL GRIEVING!  With this comes a run down body, a run down mind, and STRESS.  Adding to it by attempting to cover digs with a ‘ lol ‘ or ‘ 🙂 ‘ is not helping.  Nor is running a massive guilt trip on me for one particular facebook post that, believe it or not, WAS NOT malicious, and was certainly not aimed at her.  I had my reasons, and these were explained, but apparently I must still be punished.  Thank goodness I do not have to deal with this person every day!

Anyway… rant over for now.  Again, just tired, and sick, and do not need those kind of people around me right now!

Hope all is well with everyone else and the worst thing you have to look forward to today is the eight hour wait to go home!  xoxo


One Comment on “Seriously?

  1. Argh alright!! people that poke and poke and poke, and then throw a ;P or lol in to make it all alright. gah.

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