Melbourne Cup!

To put a bet on, or not… I don’t usually, so I might just stick to the champagne and people watching!  It’s much more fun!  Today I have already seen my fair share of girls who do not subscribe to the school of hemline etiquette.  To be blunt, your hemline should extend below where your thighs meet.  And should the aforementioned thighs contain an abundance of ‘cottage cheese’, this rule is made to be broken only by EXTENDING the length of the dress/skirt in question.  You do not have a Beyonce booty.  There is no firm bounce when you are walking.  There is nothing but jiggling white flesh that should be contained, not become reminiscent of old school horror a la ‘The Blob’ from 1958!  I’m sure once you get hammered on champagne all that will no longer matter, because your hemline will creep ever higher as you pull it down less and less and eventually you will fall down and show everyone breakfast anyway!  Oh the joys of the races….

Courage?  Or folly…  That remains to be seen!

Enjoy the Cup everyone!  And try not to flash the punters ladies, no matter how pretty or expensive the dress (or the lady), class is not bought with fabric if the person underneath acts trashy!


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