For the times, they are a-changing

With Christmas so near, and not spending it with D’s family, I’m a little apprehensive.  I am lucky that I am spending it with some of my family in one of the most spectacular places in the world to celebrate Christmas – New York – but there will still be sadness.  Hopefully snow makes me forget for a while… Snow angels are a pretty damn good distraction, even if it’s because I am freezing!


In other news, I have bought a house, booked a holiday, gone on some dates… I find that every day has a different pleasure, a different guilt and a healthy mix of happy and sad.  But the beauty is that I can continue living.  It’s going to hurt, and there will be guilt for the rest of my life, but learning to live with it, and love again in spite of it, is testament to the amazing support around me, and the power of resilient thinking.

Insert motivational image from the greatest travel agent ever!


Seriously… Check out Student Flights.  They are the bomb!

For now, I am counting down sleeps, hoping for a date on Sunday night before I leave, and then off to the US of A for some amazingly cold experiences!

Until then, thoughts are with D’s family, who have been hit with yet another health setback but we all remain positive and looking forward to what will hopefully be good results!

Love to all, and I may or may not update this with pictures!



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