Remember me?

So it’s been a while…  I’d apologise, but I was off having the holiday of a lifetime so I feel it’s a valid excuse!

Happy Christmas and New Years to everyone!  I hope Santa was kind and new years day kinder.  Nobody like a hangover!  I was really good – only had a couple of glasses of champagne in the end and we celebrated in style with family!

So the holiday.  Freaking AMAZING!  Here’s one of my cousin’s pics just to show HOW amazing!

nyc heliYes, that is NEW YORK CITY!  Told you it was the holiday of a lifetime!  If you’re on my facebook, you’ve been watching us upload photos with avid jealousy!

My cousin B and I spent four days in Los Angeles which was very cool! We visited Madame Tussauds where I got to beat up Bruce Willis, have a laugh with Jack Nicholson and stand in the Psycho bathtub with Hitchcock himself! (ok not himself but the likeness is eerie enough!).


We went on a tour of the stars homes, but we were so jetlagged that the photos are now just random gates and we don’t remember which gate belongs to whom.  The only one I remember is Ringo Starr – helped that he had stars on his entry way… We then spent two glorious days being complete children at Disneyland (SQUEE!!!!) and Universal Studios where I got a photo with Bumblebee 😀 😀 😀


So then on to New York.  We won’t talk about flights.  We nearly missed a connector and NOBODY should ever RUN the length of Phoenix airport with a load of bags unless absolutely necessary.  Exercise for month=complete.

So back to NYC.  We were overwhelmed and in awe.  Not necessarily because it’s New York, because hey, just landing at JFK and feeling your fingertips freeze was a big clue, but because it was literally lit up for Christmas!  There was decorated buildings, the trees in the street were covered in fairy lights and every time you came to a town square in between buildings there was a display and more lights.  Even Empire State Building was lit in green and red lights!



So we’re driving through NYC in a shuttle avoiding cabs and pedicabs (which are pretty cool!) and we realise the people are getting more and more dense and then all of a sudden we pass through Broadway and there appears Times Square in all its illuminated glory!  What a sight!  We weren’t even over the sight when we realised the shuttle was pulling over and we were at our hotel.  ON TIMES SQUARE!  We scored a 41st floor room with a view of the square!  Pretty damn incredible if you ask me!  Again, props to the travel agent!

We then spent the next week and a half shopping, sight seeing (including a tour on the Hudson of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – sadly we couldn’t visit either directly due to damage from Hurricane Sandy) and eating!  So much food!  Finally had real pulled pork and mac & cheese… not to mention the quintessential New York bagel with cream cheese, vendor hot dog and a pretzel. Wasn’t a fan of the pretzel but NOM to the rest!  I miss the bagels already!  I should find a recipe to bake them myself!


Ok so found a recipe – cannot wait to bake them!  woohoo!!

Just in case you wanted the link too….

So anyway…. Amongst all this shopping we got SNOW!  Yay!  First time I’ve ever touched it, walked in it and been snowed ON.  A little big magical I have to say!  We were in Soho the first time it really snowed decent flakes, and then we were in Central Park after several inches!  Incredible!  We also went for the horse and carriage ride in the snow and had the most amazing driver!  He was his very own tour guide and was telling us stories of who lives where and what kind of rent some of the places go for and of course we saw the Plaza.  Wedding in June anyone?


Snow AND Times Square?  BLISS!

We also managed to make friends with people wherever we went… Apparently Australians are quite popular!  We wound up going out to a karaoke bar with the staff of what became our favourite place to eat and in return I drew caricatures of the two of them on the tablecloths.  And we wrote a limerick.

There was a waiter called Dan,

Who was a lovely young man,

He got us all drunk,

And then we were sunk,

So off to karaoke we all ran!

Cue pictures:

katelyn dan

Anyone who says crayons and drinks don’t mix need more drinks!  This is Katelyn with a K and Dan the Man.

OH. MY. GOD.  I almost forgot THE BEST WELCOME into America!  His name was Pepper, he was at the US Customs gate and he was like Mekhi Phifer but HOTTER!  With the biggest smile!  So lovely!  Pretty sure I was happy with customs taking longer than planned when you have such a lovely welcome after 14 hours on a plane!  B and I were standing in line going ‘please God let us get him – he’s cute and the ONLY one in customs smiling!’.  Thank you God.  That is all.  Pretty sure we made his day too.  Being that we are Australian, and awesome to boot!

Anyway… I’m sure there are a gajillion (yes that’s a unit of measurement) things I have no said and it will come out bit by bit but I’m sure you are now cross-eyed!

Back to work now…  Talk soon!

R xoxo


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