It’s only hair…

That’s what I tell myself.  The difference is, I actually believe it too!  I have had just about every colour, style, product, curls, straight, afro, and I’ve shaved it a few times to boot!

This time was a little different.  This time I was growing it primarily because I wanted to see if I could do it (I haven’t had long hair since I was a teenager) and because D was super keen to see it long.  Well, love, I survived nearly two years, you got to see a lot more length than most people, and I’m sure you saw it wherever you are, but now its gone!  I’m sure dad will have something to say but he always does 😛  Love you Dad!

I feel LIBERATED!  I feel like I’ve just shed a few years and I’m actually 30 instead of over the hill.  It’s amazing how a new haircut can instantly change how you feel and how you view and live life!

Before and after:


A MASSIVE thank you to Bespoke in Fortitude Valley!  They were sensational, lots of fun, and did an awesome job!  so happy!!!  Check them out on facebook HERE or their website HERE!  Check out the discounts too, booking online or being a poor student gets you some GREAT deals!

So off to work now, and to freak out our poor CEO who never knows how to deal with my hair changes!  Have a great day everyone!


mmmm Chris Hemsworth… Morning drool…..


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