This crazy life…

So life as I know it will change very soon….  I don’t want to hear judgement, scorn, disbelief or negativity because, quite simply, its not up to you!  This is my body, my life, and I am making a choice to improve my health.

The life I am referring to is vegan.  I don’t know everything, nor do I presume to, nor am I going to shove it down people’s throats (as other vegans have done to me).  I am simply attempting a new way to fuel my body that research has proven can have fantastic effects on PCOS, not to mention general liver function, energy levels and brain activity.

I am currently 3 days without meat and I had a coffee with cows milk on my first day.  Since then I have had no animal products whatsoever (thank goodness the coffee shop across from work makes a mean soy capp) and I have to say, I am alert, not hungry, have had so much fruit, sleeping really well and I hope to feel less tired soon!

I will be in Townsville for a couple of weeks recuperating form knee surgery so as I am not the one cooking, I will resort to the old ‘mum’ adage and I will eat what’s damn well put in front of me!  haha.

When I get back however, will be another story.  So far I have found a few things I like, a few I don’t, and have a multitude of books to read and documentaries/cooking shows to watch as well as vegan friends brains to pick (sorry guys!).

Here’s to being a lean, mean, veggie machine and I hope it has all the health benefits promised!  So far so good!

Rach xo


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