Back on the wagon!

I slipped.  Big time.  I know it’s a cop out, and I could have probably made a more concerted effort.  But I was in pain, and completely reliant on other people to get from a to b!

I failed miserably to stick to my vegan intentions while I was away north for knee surgery (see?  PAIN!).  I have to say that I stuck to vegetarian dishes whenever I could, but if I’m not cooking, I eat what is put in front of me!

Happy to say, though, that I have been back on the vegan wagon since I got back to Townsville Saturday night and I have already lost my poor bloated belly and about 2.5kg (most likely all water weight/fluid retention)!

Back to reading the amazing books and hoping that I can drive sooner rather than later!

Adios amigos



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