Successful people

I’d like to be one of those… But if this poster is the truth (or some semblance of it – I disagree with the tv comment – but I digress), then we should all be at least part way successful!  I know I am!


According to the first thing Mr. Google tells me…



  1. Accomplishing an aim or purpose: “a successful attack on the town”.
  2. Having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction.

So I guess if you look at the meaning, its past tense, you look at the poster, it’s present tense.  Do you need to accomplish something for you to be successful?  Or is the day to day activities you continuously contribute to enough?

I really don’t know.  I just saw this one on facebook (amongst cat memes and a dose of the ever golden George Takei) and thought it interesting.  Maybe it’s because we’re waiting on tenterhooks about job security (thanks Can’t Do Campbell), or maybe it’s just that I’m 30, still studying, and still attempting to find a niche in life?

I’d say no idea, but I really do have an idea.  I went to a brilliant lettering course on the weekend and turns out I have a natural ability to embellish, and to create calligraphy provided I put my mind to it!  Super fun!  Hopefully I get a design job in the near future!  We shall see……

Anyway… back to work!  Have a think on success, and what it means to you!


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