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I love blogs!  I don’t always get a chance to read all the ones I want to every day but I do love design and homewares.  If I can draw it, build it, make it, shake it, bake it, paint it, create it I am a sponge for the soaking!  I will attempt most things as I believe failure is just the pavers under your feet leading you to success!

In my travels this morning, I was sent an email from Issuu and in it was the wonderful Adore Home magazine.  Straight away, first page, I saw some stools I would love to make or at least find second hand and paint exactly the same way!

While reading the editor’s note, Loni mentioned the bloggers Sally Rhys-Jones (once.daily.chic) and Simone Duckworth (honey and fizz).  Check them out.  They are seriously cool!  These kind of blogs really inspire my thrift shopping and reviving style!  I think once my dogs are contained in my yard I may need to just set up a space under my house and make/resell some really funky stuff!

I have so much on my plate right now but I figure I can learn music for musicals while I paint/saw/sweat and LOVE a new hobby!  Anyone who wants to buy me woodworking tools for my birthday (end of July nudge nudge) is more than welcome!  Except for MB, he is buying me a torch.

Insert random photo of woodworker…


So yes, this has been my morning inspiration.  I wish someone would just magically throw money at me so I can quit work and just enjoy doing new stuff!  Maybe exploring the world for a break?

Until then, I will fix the fence (I have escapee dogs), get my blog reading in over breakfast more often (maybe once I’ve finished this sensational novel called The Passage).

I will leave you now with a picture of my adorably frustrating puppies!




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