Monthly Archives: July 2013

And we’re off!

Domain etc renewed, some light reading of random blogs, some plans for the future (only the immediate future but that’s ok!). Hanging out until the weekend to find out if I made it into one of my favourite musicals; planning on taking the puppies for a wander before heading to trivia tonight; and in the […]

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Clean Eating Vegan

Clean Eating Vegan I stumbled across this blog this morning.  She is fantastic!  I particularly like this post.  You don’t need to be vegan to read it!

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Wagon? What wagon?

Pretty sure I not only fell off it, but I may have bumped my head AND been run over by it.  Although with the size of my ass lately I probably at least dented a wheel! Welcome back to Townsville Rach!  Get comfy, eat bad food, don’t exercise, drive everywhere. Answer:  12WBT and GETTING OFF […]

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