Wagon? What wagon?

Pretty sure I not only fell off it, but I may have bumped my head AND been run over by it.  Although with the size of my ass lately I probably at least dented a wheel!


Welcome back to Townsville Rach!  Get comfy, eat bad food, don’t exercise, drive everywhere.

Answer:  12WBT and GETTING OFF MY ASS!  

So far I’m in warm up phase.  Trying to exercise more, and eat less crap.  So far so good.  Apart from Origin and trivia nights.. :/  The full program starts mid-August.  Be prepared for whinging and/or updates.  I’d like to think it will be successes as I pass each milestone getting smaller and smaller and fitter and fitter!

For now, signing off.  Finish work, do some running around in the car, then off home to get some exercise in!


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