Welcome to 2014!

This year has to be it!  The last two years were annus horribilus and can go jump in a lake!



Now that the New Years statement is out and done let’s get serious.

I AM AWESOME.  I just need to tell myself that more often.  I am a catch, I can be pretty, and I am talented.  2014 is the year to celebrate me!  I need to start being just a little bit more selfish, and just a little bit more protective of my heart, my mind and my time.  I need to allocate it to the people who mean the most and who appreciate me right back!

I have lots of people to thank for ending my 2013 on a great note.  Number 1 will always be my family!  My cousin R, you are amazing, beautiful and such a wonderful person!  It might have taken way too long, but I am so glad I have you so close to me in my life now!  My cousin E, stop being so damn gorgeous, smart and nice.  It’s not fair to the rest of us who only get to pick two sides of the triangle!  My Aunty C, I have nothing I can say that will cover how wonderful you are to me and for me.  Love you!  My parents, thanks for putting up with me!  Mum, just a phone call away, and Dad, always there with few words but absolute support.  My brother M, you make a cute baby!  Sure she’s yours? 😛  Seriously, my niece C is beautiful and you are an amazing Dad, I never had any doubt!  Baby brother J, love your guts!  You’re always there for me.

To my brother by choice, C.  What to say?  You are one in a million.  I couldn’t ask for a better, more direct and honest friend than you.  You have been there for absolutely everything.  The late night/early morning tears, the insecurities, the date analysis and ultimate opinion that I will always trust.  You never steer me wrong and I can’t wait to witness your nuptials in August!

To my theatre family.  You all know how important you are to me and there are WAY too many to name!

Last but not least, my beau K.  You slipped in under the radar but it wouldn’t be as good unless I was ready and it was meant to be.  I always hated the phrase things happen for a reason because it felt so redundant when I just couldn’t see that reason.  I may still not see why some things had to happen, but I do see why I was led to you.  You’ve broken down walls, you’ve held me when I’ve cried, and you accept that D is still alive and well in my heart and you’re willing to share that space.  Not many people are that strong and for that, I am forever grateful for D sending you my way.  I do believe he is pulling the strings with my Gram wherever they are.

Finally, to 2013.  You have given me ups and downs, trials and successes.  For now, you can kiss my ass and stay in the past. Nothing but good things to come my way!

A few of the good things to appreciate:

  • I am finishing my Diploma of Graphic Design this semester
  • I am starting the Bachelor of Education this semester
  • I am going on an amazing holiday to Europe with some very special people in March
  • I am heading to NZ to see one of my best friends get married in August
  • I am heading to my Uncle’s wedding in September

It’s going to be a massive year and I will try and update you as I go!



For now, no New Year resolution for me.  All I want is a happy, healthy me, physically and mentally.


To sign off, a picture of myself and two of my castmates from the sensational New Years Eve with Attori & Friends showcase!



One Comment on “Welcome to 2014!

  1. You’re Beautiful, Smart, Strong & Independent! 2014 will be everything you want and more. Love You.

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