Life as we know it…

It moves. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes you’re so caught in the moment you really can’t tell.  Love is a many wondrous thing and can make it move so differently.

I was in love. It was a different kind of love.  It was more of an intense friendship.  It seemed like we were perfect and got along really well but what people didn’t see was the better indicator of where we were, or weren’t, going.

I made the tough decision to walk away.  It was an unhealthy relationship for me.  I think I needed it though.  I needed to know for myself that I could move on from D.  Moving on is a loaded statement though.  I don’t think I’ll ever really move on.  But I do now know what I will and won’t accept for myself.  This is not a post bashing my most recent relationship.  As all relationships, it taught me something about myself and, ultimately, pushed me to end it.

Life as I know it is changing, evolving.  I have had a massive year this year and I have learned so much about me.  I’ve become more comfortable in my skin in a lot of ways, I’ve made many new friends, reacquainted with old, found my place back in theatre and on stage singing in a band.

*insert shameless plug here*

Liquid Revival

Aren’t we a good looking bunch?

I digress… I’m sure I have many challenges ahead but I needed to write this so I can move on to other things and update this thing far more often than I do!  Just know that for now I am the happiest I have been in months and my face hurts from smiling. Thanks to the special people who cause that every single day.  You know who you are!

For now, I am going to sign off, but there will be many more posts to be read down the line.  Most likely when I am procrastinating my study!


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