2014 wasn’t so bad… Was it?

For the entire month of December, it feels like everyone is going crazy with the ‘2014 can just go away’ type posts and if I stop and think about it, 2014 wasn’t actually that bad of a year for me!  I had relationship issues (who doesn’t?) and I had trouble with uni because I was stressing about said relationship issues, but overall, I had an amazing year!


I started back at uni and am still driven to finish that degree (I got into USQ too for those following at home).

I traveled! I saw Europe for the first time ever! England, Italy, France, Netherlands and Spain. I snowboarded for the first time in Queenstown, NZ and I visited windy Wellington.

I started singing with Liquid Revival. These people have become my family, my rocks, my happy place and another home. I also gained an extended family with the Townsville Twin Cities Rock n Roll Dance Club.

I jumped back into musical theatre and scored a role in Oliver! (which is looking sensational by the way, book HERE).

I’m performing in NYE @ the Civic as one of the diva sopranos (book HERE).

I’ve settled into my own style, my own skin and I love who I have grown into this year.

I may or may not have encouraged my lovely cousin to start her own blog about the real truths of motherhood and life in general (check it out HERE).


I gave too much of my time and energy to someone who just didn’t return the commitment.

So to all you naysayers out there, 2014 wasn’t shit for all of us and 2015 is just going to be even better for me!

Christmas will always be tough without D but golly gosh do I have THE BEST mob of people I could ever ask for to soften the blow and keep my life interesting!

If I post nothing before Christmas, have a wonderful day with your families, loved ones, pets, gnomes and that wacky neighbour. I know I certainly will!  Peace, love, happiness and maybe a rad gift or two.

Rach xo



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