Welcome back to me!

It seems to be a theme… I make a proclamation (or just a beautifully random statement) and then disappear for a while. I am possibly the worst blogger ever. Apart from those who don’t go past the sign up stage. Never pass the Hello World post. Never experience the one sided conversation a blog offers.

But let’s not dwell on my lack of prowess in the online literary (and I use this loosely) world of blogging. Because I have something to say!

You’re awesome!

Yes. You!

Tell yourself every day!

In this abyss of not writing, I have not been telling myself this. I have to remind myself that I am valuable. Just because someone else doesn’t see that worth doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I haven’t stopped living and enjoying life, however, so for that I’m pretty happy!

In fact… I have taken on a job that scares the living bejesus out of me. It’s so new, different, unlike anything I have done before. I’ve taken a massive pay cut but WHEN I am a success (positivity people) I have potential earnings and rewards that far make up for the initial broke student-type life I shall be enduring. Plus side? I’ll probably get skinny because my food choices have become very much a ‘how many meals can I get out of this concoction and will it go with rice?’. Yes Miss I, I’m thinking of you. Haha.

In truth, I owe this post to someone I have met during the training for this job. My whole training group is amazing, and I am going to miss hanging out with them when I head back to Townsville, but little Miss N. Unassuming, smiling, completely open and friendly Miss N. You’ve reminded me of what I need to remind myself. So thank you twin! Your fiancé is a very lucky lady and I cannot wait to meet her!

But anyway… For now I am back in training, preparing for more of the big scary. Contemplating some changes, making some decisions, and although there are some bumps ahead, I am happy with them.

I wouldn’t be me without those bumps in the road that have shaped who I am.

Now that I’m done being all serious and stuff… Peace out legends and have an amazing week!



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