I wrote last about the ‘big scary’. Well I’m in it! Living it! LOVING IT! I really wasn’t sure how I’d go but after a really good day today I think I might just be cut out for this business!

So… to stop being cryptic. I embarked on a crazy new tangent as a travel consultant. I figured I like travel, I like spending other people’s money, and if I spend enough of other people’s money I can travel for cheaper or free!  What’s not to like about those kinds of perks?

So today I had a few very different curveballs thrown at me and I did pretty damn good. Quotes are done, a couple of customers came in, saw me, got what they wanted, bought stuff, and left happy! I even met half my target today. Not bad for the 4th day in store after a crazy 3 weeks of information overload!

For now, I am going to gravitate to my couch, a trashy movie, and some serious unwind time!

Happy weekend everyone!


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