Roller coasters

I love them, I do.  Just not when my life resembles one!  This has been a very up and down two weeks.  Extreme up and down.  Not just a gentle lull.  The occasional loop de loop just to make sure you feel alive.

On the whole though, I haven’t felt as hopeless.  Which is a nice change!  I was approved for a house yesterday so I’ll be on the move this weekend.  That will give DP and I some much needed space to be alone for a while.  Nurture the friendship.  Whatever happens beyond that point is down the track Rach and DP’s problem.  Not today.  For now I get to be excited about a new place and to unpack.

On top of all of this is my absolutely adorable little cousin’s 1st birthday party is this weekend!  Time to get creative, bake some cupcakes and I’ve been tasked with facepainting.  Should be great fun!  Can’t wait!

I guess today’s post is really about the positive overall!  Life can suck, and I’ve never felt so low before, and I wish the roller coaster would stop for a while, but I am taking steps to ease it up a little and they seem to be working.  The trick is in knowing it won’t work every time, but if you can take more steps forward than backwards you’re doing ok.


This isn’t as easy as it looks but damn it’s a great goal to have.


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