I choose to be happy

That was how I ended the last blog post.  For the most part, success! I’ve had to eliminate some toxic from my life, and it was hard, but it was worth it.

Overall my life balance has improved. I see my friends more, I socialise more, I don’t experience the anxiety anymore. I have the normal level of pre-exam, pre-date jitters but no melt downs. No panic attacks. No wondering and worrying about what’s waiting for me at home.

I know what’s at home.

It’s my 12 year old puppy. It’s a space that’s mine. It’s a comfy old couch that’s like your favourite shoes. It’s whatever the hell I’m in the mood for on Netflix. It’s pulling out the guitar whenever I like. It’s sleep ins and the coffee mug you forgot to take out of the bathroom. It’s my paintings on the wall. It’s me. It’s mine. It’s the loving everything good about me. Not eliminating what I think is bad.

The next step is deciding what I want. But it doesn’t have to be right now.



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