Whole30 Week 3

Maybe not the best day to blog.  I don’t think I could feel any flatter for no reason at all!

So Week 3.  It’s supposed to be tiger blood! I’m just not feeling it! In fact, Beck and I were discussing just this morning how Fridays are meant to be awesome but they’ve been our flattest day.  Someone please enlighten us!

It hasn’t been a bad week at all.  This is what is strange.  At the risk of TMI, maybe it’s because I’m due?  Maybe it’s my pill.  Maybe I’m just OVER IT and I want to see tangible, number-based results.  I’m going with a combination of the first and third.  I’m very much a must see what’s happening person.  I don’t care if the scales are up and down, I understand the fluctuations, but I like to celebrate every little win when it goes down.  The NSVs still stand, I’m a little bloated but I can attribute that to the time of the month.  Mostly I feel better.  My skin is certainly better.

One thing I’ve noticed, and I don’t know if it qualifies as NSV or not but I have been thoroughly  enjoying my tea black!  In fact, I’ve enjoyed the tea so much that now I feel like I can taste the tea bag and should switch to leaf tea.  I do have an adorable teapot and single serve tea mugs (with a strainer) that I don’t use enough…

But anyway…  Week at a glance!

Day 15 – yay for encouragement!


Day 16-now.  Not feeling it.  Tiger Blood doesn’t happen for everyone but I thought I’d feel a lot better.  Hopefully the weekend will help change that!


Looking ahead – more like right now…  Maybe I peaked early in week 2?  I get a whole week of over this instead?  Or maybe my body is sluggishly getting rid of the last of the evils?

Or maybe it’s just sad because it’s only had coffee 4 times in nearly a month…


Anyway!  19 down, 11 to go!  Sunday we can count down in single digits!

I shouldn’t reward myself with food but the Popcorn Man tortures me every Wednesday and all I want is a giant bag of sweet and salty goodness!


Catch you in week 4!


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