Whole30 Week 4

I made it!  It’s day 30 and I don’t feel like I survived, I genuinely thrived!  I had a few shit days, anyone who read Week 3 is aware, but overall I have loved this program!

A few bonuses:

  • Clearer skin – I hardly use any foundation, and the last few days have been BB cream and that’s it!  One blemish.  ALL MONTH.  Melasma has reduced significantly and is only noticeable in a couple of spots and it’s light.
  • Better appetite – I’m hungry when  I should be, and I fuel my body the right way.  Now that I’m exercising I may need to add more meals rather than snacks to help get me through but it will be a work in progress.
  • Clarity and acuity – my brain is working like it hasn’t worked in years!  Even when I don’t get quite enough sleep one night, my brain isn’t fuzzy.  I know I need more sleep but it doesn’t physically throw me for a loop (I’m sure multiple nights will affect me like anyone else though).
  • The thought of some foods is just not appealing anymore.  Yeah I could probably go ‘Wow that brie would hit the spot right now’, but then immediately my brain kicks into ‘but do you want the bloating, and the digestive woes that will come with it?  WHO EVEN AM I???
  • I actually WANT to get up at 4am and exercise.  I repeat WHO EVEN AM I?
  • Black tea is awesome.  AWESOME.  For someone who was very much a get up and put the coffee machine on person, this is pretty huge!
  • TIGER BLOOD IS NOT A MYTH!  It took a little time to kick in (must have been hibernating) but when it kicked in holy giant wheel of cheese did it kick in!  I woke up Monday morning just over a week ago and it was like someone had set a fire under me.  I was awake and out of bed with no real ‘drowsy’ in between, I got ready for work AND cooked some of my brekkies for the week AND got to work on time!  AND IT HASN’T STOPPED!

Who would really want to go back to the old ways when the alternative feels so good?

So… On that note… DRUMROLL PLEASE…


Weight:  was 102.6kg, now 100.6kg, difference -2kg

Chest:  was 115.5cm, now 110.5cm, difference -5cm

Waist:  was 104cm, now 104.5cm, difference +0.5

Hips:  was 124cm, now 115.5cm, difference -8.5cm

Butt:  was 128.5cm, now 124.5cm, difference -4cm


Bring on more whole30 goodness!


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