High Finance

Yep. I dived in. I read it. I loved it. I could see myself doing it.

Most importantly? I could actually see my DEBT FREE future and the possibility of owning a home again.

I am in the not so unique position that I support myself, I’m in what feels like a mountain of debt, but I earn a great income. So what the hell happened?

Such a long story… but it involves opportunistic banks, stupid decisions made by me, and the killer interest I let get away from me.

So to keep it short, I’ve been pay to pay, getting extensions, paying something off only to have something else hit. Never ending cycle!

Or so I thought…

Enter… The Barefoot Investor!

Friends have told me about this book and, like most others, I was dubious. It sounded like another fly by night fad. But my bestie was adamant. And she’s pretty convincing when she wants to be so I forked out the $20 for the book.

If you’re going to make any investment. SPEND THE $20! From the start of January, my financial life is an automated, well oiled machine that I don’t need to touch! The best part is I still have a little money that I can play with every fortnight so I don’t feel completely deprived and locked into a budget!

As long as all goes well, I will be up to date with bills and everything clockwork and paying down debts in no time at all! I’m definitely a planner but no system has made me feel as in control as this one. Which is ironic, because once the automations are set up, I have NO control!

So onwards and downwards with the debt! Will check in periodically!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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