It’s a good day.

Today I did two things:
1. I watched my first ‘automated’ Barefoot Investor pay come and go.
2. I submitted my quarterly report for my Pyjama Angel child.

Let’s start with Barefoot.

I did a post about it (you can read it HERE). It was terrifying. It was a reality check. But it was achievable. I went on to bury myself in my usual spreadsheet planning phase WITHIN the barefoot principles. Thought ‘wow, I could have my debt paid off within a couple of years!’ then realised as my debt goes down, I can eliminate those from the plan. And if the boyfriend officially moves in, he’s gonna pay half the rent. And so on, and so on.

Snowball thinking (and a full day) later… I have a well oiled spreadsheet complete with a LEGENDARY compounding interest calculator, that if I deviate slightly from the barefoot recommendation (which is little debts to big debts) and do my highest interest to lowest interest, I actually have everything paid off almost a year earlier, and with approximately $2500 LESS interest to pay!  Incredible, right?  I thought so..

So that was my happy Tuesday planning, and happy Wednesday watching it all fall into place!

Pyjama Angel

I can hear you saying ‘what the heck IS a Pyjama Angel?’ all the way over here.

Simple answer – Pyjama Foundation was started to help increase the literacy and numeracy of kids in foster care. They got so big that Pyjama Angels were born and now we are providing over 62,100 hours of reading, writing and (boo) homework help every single year. How good is that?

So… Check this site out. Those in Australia, think about doing it. I love it! And if you can’t do it (or if you live in another country and would like to help), consider donating some books! Check out the website for the postal address, you could post directly via sites like Book Depository (psst – FREE delivery worldwide), or contact me directly and I can arrange collection of secondhand books you’d like to donate on the north side of Brisbane (Queensland, Australia – for my non-Aussie mates playing at home).

Now back to today and the quarterly report. I’m a weirdo. I love these reports. It lets me reflect on the amazing work Pyjama Angels do, as well as the foundation, and it lets me reflect on my time with my little one, B. Although she’s 13 now, she’s still about 4′ and I love taking the mickey out of her but that’s another story.

So B. She’s a feisty little 13 year old. Whole lot of attitude when she wants but my gosh does she have a whole lot of love to give. And my heart breaks for her when I hear what she has been going through. Yet she still has a smile when I’m there, we still have fun, and she is still a good kid! Sure, she gets grounded regularly, but show me a teenager who doesn’t test the boundaries!

I have been with B for over a year now and I can see me staying with her until it’s ‘uncool’ to have a pyjama angel. I really hope that never happens, because I can see this kid achieving so much. When I think of when we started and how far she has come I am amazed. This little soul has helped me learn things as much as the other way around and I want to be there when she finally does a student exchange to Japan. When she applies to uni, or TAFE, or an apprenticeship. Even if she goes stuff it all I just want to get a good job.  Or travel (we are planning to learn Spanish or French together this year – this will get interesting)! When she turns 18 and decides she doesn’t need me as a mentor anymore and I’m just a friend (probably an old and grey one but still…).

But anyway… That’s my Wednesday! It’s 2018. It’s another year. Another roller coaster. But we always come out on top! Smile – you never know who’s day you will brighten!


Image result for a smile is a curve that sets everything straight


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