The first official two days

So. For all those following…

I was one of the travel consultants lucky enough to go on a famil to New Zealand. I left on Monday and am currently at the end of day two. Before I tell you too much more I feel like I should momentarily wax lyrical about Aotearoa. 

This place and these people are something everyone should experience. I was lucky enough to be here in 2014 to see two amazing people get hitched and I’ve wanted to come back ever since. I saw Queenstown, Wellington and Whanganui and was absolutely blown away by this country. The scenery is spectacular and the list of things to do and places to see is endless. For such a small country you can do some amazing things. 

This time around I am getting the chance to see things I didn’t know about and meet people who are passionate about New Zealand. 

Day one was in Auckland and massive. We were treated to talks from the people who run Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia as well as many tourism experts and suppliers who gave us brilliant information on each area that the 400 agents from across Australia would be experiencing. My favourite part of the day was hearing from the inimitable John Anderson. The founder of Contiki. That man could have kept us captivated with his tales for hours. What a speaker. From ¬£25 to an empire and he still remains humble. To speak to him afterwards and find him emotional that people appreciated his talk is proof that belief in what he created still keeps him going. I’m sure financially he’s quite comfortable but to hear him talk away from the spotlight he seems to find far more worth in the lives he’s touched than the dollars he’s made. 

From coffee body scrub, to speaking like Gollum, to a cooking masterclass with chef Neil Brazier, the whole day was planned well and full of fantastic information. Even managed a wine tasting for afternoon tea!

Tuesday night was the big welcome party and what a venue! MOTAT (Museum of Transport & Technology) was very cool even for someone who knows nothing about planes and we were treated to a performance from Stan Walker. 

Day two has been another big one. We were up before the sun to catch a flight from Auckland to Queenstown but circumstances arose that we missed our plane. On the plus side, we had some free time in Auckland until the next flight so we were able to visit the winery Villa Maria and taste. Turns out that the perfect temperature for white wine is actually about 12 degrees. Who’d have thought?

On arriving to Queenstown we collected the campervans from Maui and Britz and we were off to see the ridiculously stunning Millbrook Estate. Just a casually sprawling property with a couple of golf courses not far out of Queenstown. From there to Highlands Motorsport Park. This is a freaking cool little establishment. Don’t be put off if you’re not into cars, there is heaps for the whole family to do and you could easily spend an entire day out there. We are hoping to get back there tomorrow for a better look (thanks to the late flight we weren’t able to get here during business hours). 

From there we headed to our final destination for the night. Oliver’s Central Otago in Clyde. I am going to have to edit this post when I am back home with photos. This place is heaven. Beer brewed locally, wines from the region, and food to die for. Then there’s the accommodation. Stonework, timber, modern facilities but a lodge feel. 

For now, I am signing off. Tomorrow we are cycling the rail trail and it’s already midnight so I need sleep at some point. 

Rach ūüėÄ



I wrote last about the ‘big scary’. Well I’m in it! Living it! LOVING IT! I really wasn’t sure how I’d go but after a really good day today I think I might just be cut out for this business!

So… to stop being cryptic. I embarked on a crazy new tangent as a travel consultant. I figured I like travel, I like spending other people’s money, and if I spend enough of other people’s money I can travel for cheaper or free! ¬†What’s not to like about those kinds of perks?

So today I had a few very different curveballs thrown at me and I did pretty damn good. Quotes are done, a couple of customers came in, saw me, got what they wanted, bought stuff, and left happy! I even met half my target today. Not bad for the 4th day in store after a crazy 3 weeks of information overload!

For now, I am going to gravitate to my couch, a trashy movie, and some serious unwind time!

Happy weekend everyone!

Welcome back to me!

It seems to be a theme… I make a proclamation (or just a beautifully random statement) and then disappear for a while. I am possibly the worst blogger ever. Apart from those who don’t go past the sign up stage. Never pass the Hello World post. Never experience the one sided conversation a blog offers.

But let’s not dwell on my lack of prowess in the online literary (and I use this loosely) world of blogging. Because I have something to say!

You’re awesome!

Yes. You!

Tell yourself every day!

In this abyss of not writing, I have not been telling myself this. I have to remind myself that I am valuable. Just because someone else doesn’t see that worth doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I haven’t stopped living and enjoying life, however, so for that I’m pretty happy!

In fact… I have taken on a job that scares the living bejesus out of me. It’s so new, different, unlike anything I have done before. I’ve taken a massive pay cut but WHEN I am a success (positivity people) I have potential earnings and rewards that far make up for the initial broke student-type life I shall be enduring. Plus side? I’ll probably get skinny because my food choices have become very much a ‘how many meals can I get out of this concoction and will it go with rice?’. Yes Miss I, I’m thinking of you. Haha.

In truth, I owe this post to someone I have met during the training for this job. My whole training group is amazing, and I am going to miss hanging out with them when I head back to Townsville, but little Miss N. Unassuming, smiling, completely open and friendly Miss N. You’ve reminded me of what I need to remind myself. So thank you twin! Your fianc√© is a very lucky lady and I cannot wait to meet her!

But anyway… For now I am back in training, preparing for more of the big scary. Contemplating some changes, making some decisions, and although there are some bumps ahead, I am happy with them.

I wouldn’t be me without those bumps in the road that have shaped who I am.

Now that I’m done being all serious and stuff… Peace out legends and have an amazing week!


2014 wasn’t so bad… Was it?

For the entire month of December, it feels like everyone is going crazy with the ‘2014 can just go away’ type posts and if I stop and think about it, 2014 wasn’t actually that bad of a year for me! ¬†I had relationship issues (who doesn’t?) and I had trouble with uni because I was stressing about said relationship issues, but overall, I had an amazing year!


I started back at uni and am still driven to finish that degree (I got into USQ too for those following at home).

I traveled! I saw Europe for the first time ever! England, Italy, France, Netherlands and Spain. I snowboarded for the first time in Queenstown, NZ and I visited windy Wellington.

I started singing with Liquid Revival. These people have become my family, my rocks, my happy place and another home. I also gained an extended family with the Townsville Twin Cities Rock n Roll Dance Club.

I jumped back into musical theatre and scored a role in Oliver! (which is looking sensational by the way, book HERE).

I’m performing in NYE @ the Civic as one of the diva sopranos (book HERE).

I’ve settled into my own style, my own skin and I love who I have grown into this year.

I may or may not have encouraged my lovely cousin to start her own blog about the real truths of motherhood and life in general (check it out HERE).


I gave too much of my time and energy to someone who just didn’t return the commitment.

So to all you naysayers out there, 2014 wasn’t shit for all of us and 2015 is just going to be even better for me!

Christmas will always be tough without D but golly gosh do I have THE BEST mob of people I could ever ask for to soften the blow and keep my life interesting!

If I post nothing before Christmas, have a wonderful day with your families, loved ones, pets, gnomes and that wacky neighbour. I know I certainly will!  Peace, love, happiness and maybe a rad gift or two.

Rach xo


That time again!

So tomorrow opens enrolment for the second year of uni. ¬†I’m still waiting to find out if I got into another university to study secondary ed externally. In the meantime, I am checking out the options and may as well enrol with JCU for next year. Fingers crossed I can get the bulk of my subjects externally because this girl needs a job!

In the meantime, today marks our band’s second last gig for the year (sadface) and a ramp up to rehearsals for NYE at the Civic! ¬†All in all, this little duck is a busy thing up until New Years! Just how I like it!

Hope everyone has done their Christmas shopping because I know here in the ‘Ville it has been manic for a month now!

Until next time!


Life as we know it…

It moves. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes you’re so caught in the moment you really can’t tell. ¬†Love is a many wondrous thing¬†and can make it move so differently.

I was in love. It was a different kind of love. ¬†It was more of an intense friendship. ¬†It seemed like we were perfect and got along really well but what people didn’t see was the better indicator of where we were, or weren’t, going.

I made the tough decision to walk away. ¬†It was an unhealthy relationship for me. ¬†I think I needed it though. ¬†I needed to know for myself that I could move on from D. ¬†Moving on is a loaded statement though. ¬†I don’t think I’ll ever really move on. ¬†But I do now know what I will and won’t accept for myself. ¬†This is not a post bashing my most recent relationship. ¬†As all relationships, it taught me something about myself and, ultimately, pushed me to end it.

Life as I know it is changing, evolving. ¬†I have had a massive year this year and I have learned so much about me. ¬†I’ve become more comfortable in my skin in a lot of ways, I’ve made many new friends, reacquainted with old, found my place back in theatre and on stage singing in a band.

*insert shameless plug here*

Liquid Revival

Aren’t we a good looking bunch?

I digress… I’m sure I have many challenges ahead but I needed to write this so I can move on to other things and update this thing far more often than I do! ¬†Just know that for now I am the happiest I have been in months and my face hurts from smiling. Thanks to the special people who cause that every single day. ¬†You know who you are!

For now, I am going to sign off, but there will be many more posts to be read down the line.  Most likely when I am procrastinating my study!

So… It’s been a while

And I whored out my blog for a uni assignment. I’m ok with that though because I got a Distinction! WOOT!

In other news, I’m feeling healthier than I have in ages and I have Nat Kringoudis and Jade Vogler¬†to thank! ¬†It’s a long story but it looks like my PCOS is finally on it’s way to being a memory or at least a mildly manageable irritant instead of a life-ruling monster of low self-esteem.

I have also been attending regular PT with the freaking awesome Simone of All Hartz Health and Fitness and started yoga at Northern Beaches Chiropractic (who, by the way, also provide my chiropractic needs and my amazing massage).  So although I am still likely to sit at this plateau for a little while longer, I feel so much healthier inside with just a few small changes.  Bigger changes on the horizon but baby steps to help it stick.

On the education front, uni is great, getting fantastic grades and finishing my graphic design diploma on the side (busy busy!).

On the personal front everything is going well with the boy and we are off to NZ in 2 weeks! ¬†Going to learn how to snowboard for the first time and meeting K’s nana. ¬†Oh and to see the most amazing people get married! ¬†I can’t wait to see these two exchange vows in a country that actually accepts them exactly as they are. ¬†And what a sensational location – Queenstown! ¬†So freaking excited!!

For now, I must away to the study again!

Happy Friday y’all!

Here’s my cat. ¬†Because she’s adorable. ¬†And I can.

Photo 9-07-2014 2 32 58 pm

University Life

My opening argument:  Do it!  It may not be for everyone but how will you know until you try?

My closing argument: ¬†Well I’m not done for another 4 years so hold that thought.

Why do people do this higher education business? ¬†It’s bloody hard work and if you’re a little above the average age (ok, maybe more than a little) your patience is worn thin incredibly fast by Gen Y kids on top of your brain going why god why???

My answer is simple. ¬†Because we’re all living in this bubble of what is expected of us. ¬†I know I love quoting Huffington Post but Gemma Parry has 10 excellent points on why you should attend. ¬†Read them HERE. I love the ideology of point 3 – cash – but unfortunately I am studying education so here in Australia, not a great career choice if you want to be Jordan Belfort and have a ¬†bathtub full of hundies. ¬†I will, however, have the job satisfaction so many people seek and never find. ¬†I don’t doubt there will be kids I want to strangle, kids I can’t help but desperately want to, and kids that excel and I can only give them what I can before the curriculum demands the little time I have.

Language and learning are stepping stones to a life of being able to self-educate. ¬†This has to start in early childhood. ¬†Kale and Luke have an excellent case study in their writing on early language socialisation in Elsey. ¬†She has shown that she has naturally acquired the ability to be diglossic in that she is able to shift between styles and types of language. ¬†I was an odd kid¬†and as soon as I could read I used to read Dad’s paper at the same time as him – only upside down – at the kitchen table over cereal. ¬†It was still english but a new way to recognise language.


Sometimes learning about a child and adapting is as much a learning curve for the teacher as the student. ¬†The picture above applies to any language or Discourse you can think of.¬† A fullback in soccer and rugby league are very different things and require an insider to that language to explain.¬† The same is applicable in everyday life, not just teaching. ¬†I have encountered in working with disability and aged care that there are many different levels of communication and social factors play a large part in some families. ¬†A family with a disability such as a speech problem are excellent communicators but only within their own Discourse. ¬†A child with no speech at all will have a secret language of gestures and some sounds to alert family to needs and wants. ¬†The family quickly learns the patterns and a new language is formed. ¬†The same is within schooling. ¬†With such a multicultural nation we, as teachers, are needing to acquire greater skills in ensuring each student receives an appropriate education and are able to help each student achieve maximum potential. ¬†The socio-cultural view of Cox is that learning is integrated – strong interrelationships exist between oral and written language learning. ¬†This is especially true of bilingual children learning in a traditional classroom. ¬†The written word makes more sense when utilised in speech patterns. ¬†Edelsky describes language as profoundly social meaning that learning occurs by doing things with other human beings. ¬†To be completely crude, my brother was toilet trained by being palmed off onto every bloke who went to the toilet to ‘see how it’s done’. The same goes for language. ¬†The old saying ‘monkey see, monkey do’ is never more apt than in early childhood.

Language is a communication, both verbal and non-verbal. ¬†It differs between cultures, demographics, foreign languages and levels of disabilities.¬† Language is the art of conveying meaning and understanding.¬† This could be English, German, sign language, braille, written word, charades, music.¬† They all convey meaning and association. ¬†I’ve realised as a teacher just how much I don’t know about effective communication in classrooms and how I will need to learn to manage these various language barriers while being able to maintain curriculum.

Well said Meryl.

Well said Meryl.

I was always taught the same thing. It’s harder than it looks, but once you’ve had that first taste of how it’s meant to feel, it’s thoroughly addictive.

Welcome to 2014!

This year has to be it!  The last two years were annus horribilus and can go jump in a lake!



Now that the New Years statement is out and done let’s get serious.

I AM AWESOME.  I just need to tell myself that more often.  I am a catch, I can be pretty, and I am talented.  2014 is the year to celebrate me!  I need to start being just a little bit more selfish, and just a little bit more protective of my heart, my mind and my time.  I need to allocate it to the people who mean the most and who appreciate me right back!

I have lots of people to thank for ending my 2013 on a great note. ¬†Number 1 will always be my family! ¬†My cousin R, you are amazing, beautiful and such a wonderful person! ¬†It might have taken way too long, but I am so glad I have you so close to me in my life now! ¬†My cousin E, stop being so damn gorgeous, smart and nice. ¬†It’s not fair to the rest of us who only get to pick two sides of the triangle! ¬†My Aunty C, I have nothing I can say that will cover how wonderful you are to me and for me. ¬†Love you! ¬†My parents, thanks for putting up with me! ¬†Mum, just a phone call away, and Dad, always there with few words but absolute support. ¬†My brother M, you make a cute baby! ¬†Sure she’s yours? ūüėõ ¬†Seriously, my niece C is beautiful and you are an amazing Dad, I never had any doubt! ¬†Baby brother J, love your guts! ¬†You’re always there for me.

To my brother by choice, C. ¬†What to say? ¬†You are one in a million. ¬†I couldn’t ask for a better, more direct and honest friend than you. ¬†You have been there for absolutely everything. ¬†The late night/early morning tears, the insecurities, the date analysis and ultimate opinion that I will always trust. ¬†You never steer me wrong and I can’t wait to witness your nuptials in August!

To my theatre family.  You all know how important you are to me and there are WAY too many to name!

Last but not least, my beau K. ¬†You slipped in under the radar but it wouldn’t be as good unless I was ready and it was meant to be. ¬†I always hated the phrase things happen for a reason because it felt so redundant when I just couldn’t see that reason. ¬†I may still not see why some things had to happen, but I do see why I was led to you. ¬†You’ve broken down walls, you’ve held me when I’ve cried, and you accept that D is still alive and well in my heart and you’re willing to share that space. ¬†Not many people are that strong and for that, I am forever grateful for D sending you my way. ¬†I do believe he is pulling the strings with my Gram wherever they are.

Finally, to 2013.  You have given me ups and downs, trials and successes.  For now, you can kiss my ass and stay in the past. Nothing but good things to come my way!

A few of the good things to appreciate:

  • I am finishing my Diploma of Graphic Design this semester
  • I am starting the Bachelor of Education this semester
  • I am going on an amazing holiday to Europe with some very special people in March
  • I am heading to NZ to see one of my best friends get married in August
  • I am heading to my Uncle’s wedding in September

It’s going to be a massive year and I will try and update you as I go!



For now, no New Year resolution for me.  All I want is a happy, healthy me, physically and mentally.


To sign off, a picture of myself and two of my castmates from the sensational New Years Eve with Attori & Friends showcase!