Strength, come to me!

So today has been a weird day so far.  I had an average nights sleep – not bad, but a bit broken.  I had strange dreams that moved between D being around, and me getting the happy airport ‘I’ve missed you’ cuddles, and to knowing he was gone and being around really random people that Dom would approve of me dating…. At least that was the vibe.  See why it was strange???

I then cried on and off the whole way into work.  The most STUPID things were setting me off.  I won’t elaborate.  So today is looking to be less than happy.  I am, however, still going for that walk this afternoon!  The fresh air is good for me and if I can’t breathe I can’t cry.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

On a lighter note!  Townsville welcomed a new theatre baby this morning!  A MASSIVE congratulations to M&S who said happy birthday to bub #1!  He is yet to be named, he is only an hour or so old but already he is so squidgy and cute!  Can’t wait for cuddles next month!  (and to hand him back…).

So anyway, I’m off to be tough, and probably suspiciously bubbly, and get through today!  Bye for now!


Good days, and bad days

Today, I miss D.  I went to breakfast with his family this morning and it was amazing to see them, but I can see in their faces that if I bring him up his mum and sister are instantly sad.  I feel bad for bringing him up, which I shouldn’t, but I can’t not talk about him.  He might not physically be here but he is with us.  He was a huge part of every day for me and I can’t just shut that off.  On the plus side, his brother and brother in law are great and don’t mind talking about him at all so it’s a good buffer.

On the whole, however, breakfast was tasty (not like the picture), nephie is growing so fast and is very cute and it really was exceptional catching up with them!

In other news…. I coloured my hair today!  Fairy floss PINK!


I am not that mad… Although looks kinda cool on this chick, I would feel like the 30 year old I am, trying to look like the 12 year old above!  (Have you ever noticed that once you hit a certain age anyone who looks obviously younger than you is automatically allocated the age of 12?  A strangely amusing phenomenon…).

So anyway, my hair is still red, but now has the dip-dyed effect with pale pink/blonde tips!  Can’t wait until it’s dry and I can see the actual colour it’s gone!

This is me before…. (thank you instagram for making me look iPhone artsy and stuff)

Also about 8kg heavier… But that’s news for later!  I may or may not post a pic of the result!  See how I feel later!

No more of this stuff for me now!  I have officially lost 16kg and am nearly halfway to the goal weight!  Happy much???  Um… YES!  I found myself a new GP as well, VERY happy with her!  Thank you to Miss A who gave me the recommendation!

All in all, not a terrible week!  I can’t wait until my very own fitangel sends me my body weight workout that I can use as interval training out on my walks!

Thanks to the family and friends I can text/call anytime, things are looking up!

Love you guys!  xoxoxo

So excited and honoured!

One of my best friends, and D’s, asked me tonight if I would sing at his and his partner’s commitment ceremony next year!!!! So freaking excited I just had to write something now! Love you guys!!! I’m so happy to see a longtime friend of D’s find absolute happiness!





New word | trichotillomania

something all web developers will understand….  I am currently having issues with bullet points in WordPress!  ARGH!!!

I think my hip is broken…

Well, not really, I’m sure its just unused muscles…. But I blame my latest exercise ‘journey’.  I like the word journey.  Implies there’s a destination.  It might be tomorrow, thanks to protesting muscles, or it might be when I die, which could also be tomorrow thanks to protesting muscles.  Either way, I hurt.  I like the motivation from D2 but I don’t see him dencorubbing what could potentially be sore bum muscles too!  I may yet claim shoulders though… Be warned…

As for this exercise melarky, immediately after, it DOES feel good.  Wednesday night, I slept better than I have in months!  But last night, patchy.  I guess I’d better just keep fighting the good fight!

So this circuit I’ve been doing, I used a brilliant little app called Runkeeper and turns out my times were awful (in my defence I did stop for 10 minutes to chat to D’s mum) and the distance was 7.44km.  I think that’s a pretty good effort to be walking daily!  If at least a couple of kg doesn’t melt away soon I will be most upset.  I would happily compromise with a dress size, however.

This, is me.  What can I say?  I cook, I eat… My Italian blood screams forth.

Today I also received some more mail for D.  This time it wasn’t bad news!  Looks like at least one superannuation is going to make sorting his super out relatively simple.  Then once its in I can pay his parents back for some funeral expenses.  Yay!

For now…  A summary:  pain, food, pain because of food, pain, slight endorphic high, more pain, superannuation semi-success.  Oh and an amusing story about a tap mishap at work from T.  Totes made me LOL (that was just for the cringe!).

Final cringe……




Well that was unexpected!

I just ran into D’s mum! She’s here for work stuff and on my walk I happened to pass by her! Admittedly took 10 minutes away from my walk but totally worth it! She looks great! Hopefully get to see her again on the weekend!




The cat

So… because my flatmate is most upset… Here is an appropriate meme for the cat that inhabited my previous residence….

And now for a picture of the ACTUAL cat… Who was quite charming when not a dirty, flea-infested cone-wearing pain in my backside


Well… It’s another day.  I got to work, got a cheque in the mail for D, sucked it up like the trooper that I pretend to be, had a Hairy Lemon (quite delicious, check the link – they’ll even send you a sample!), and then was offered coffee and a waffle.  BLISS!

I then decided that some good advice from lots of people, and a kick up the backside from another D (lets call him D2), to write this blog.  I’m not a writer, nor do I pretend to be.  I left that to my frustratingly brilliant partner, but alas, he is no longer here to push me into things I should be doing.  Thank goodness for everyone who knew him and continue to channel him (still not sure I like it, but thanks!  I think…).

So, another round of the welling of the eyes that I so do not enjoy and I will move on!

For those that might need to see my coffee… yum!  hazelnut latte and a blueberry waffle (waffle already devoured. my bad)

For now, I guess, adiós amigos and back to work.  I’m sure I’ll be around someplace, lurking.  Just like D watching out for my many grammatical errors.